Five things you will find if you open my bag: 
1. Sidekick
2. handphone
3. Keys
4. Wallet
5. deodorant

Five things in my bedroom: 
1. comb
2. A bagalllion bangles
3. Lots of fiction books
4. Photoalbums
5. Art pieces.

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in my life: 
1. Get more money
2. Sky dive
3. Get in a hot air balloon
4. Be successfully happy
5. Travel and take pictures * a lot of picture

Five things that make me very happy: 
1. money! !
2. Sharing
3. Family being happy
4. Friends keeping in touch
5. Animals

Five things on my to-do list: 
1. studying
2. Be nicer.
3. Transfer by Fall 
4. Control temper
5. Find a money

Five things some people may or may not know about me: 
1. i’ve always wanted a younger sibling.
2. i have cute face. haha
3. I don’t think i’ll ever be the same as i used to be.
4. i get angry , but you never know
5  i like art of languange


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