rangkaian so-sial!

I like life. I like the internet.(mestilah kan) But I hate social networking (mule mule suke , then ..hmm ..tak tau lah , sekarang dah berbelah bagi) because it's too much of both in the same place. kadang kadang ade pondan kacau aku , babi tol! It's overwhelming. aku layan baik baik , You take it too seriously pondan. Social networking is what computer people have been doing for years, but instead of random folks around the world, it's with people you already know and interact with in real life. Twitter is just an IRC channel for your friends. Facebook, Twitter, whatever.Myspace hmm ...lagi lah , ketinggalan zaman nak mampos ,sekarang dok kutok bende tuh , dulu korang yg macam batak tehangguk hangguk dok add orang sana dok add orang sini! WTF?? alasan ," zaman dah berubah dunia dah maju". We've been having fun with this technology since the 90s.dulu yang kaya kaya jer main bende internet nih , Now you've all acquired these toys and made them accessories to your life, rather than an escape. You've hijacked our culture. And I don't blame you (juga bukan salah ibu mengandong , so salah siapa? haaa, itu kite patot siasat ...) . Computers are fucking sweet  tak caye?? rate rate org yg online boleh sambil makan gula , nasik lemak , dan mandi . I know this, and I've been telling you this years. Remember the socially stupid guys in the computer lab at lunch? This is what we were doing. Many many years before you. And now you act like you found it. Where is the apology? Where is MY apology?  Is that irony? I don't know. But it's something. And I deserve to be blown at least 18 times as a result of my culture's tenacious adherence, despite all the bullying and ridicule, to continue doing what we believed to be fucking awesome. So every time you log onto your shitty-ass whatever-is-trendy social networking exact-replica-of-all-the-others account,(jangan jadi kan diri anda bergantung kepada this fucking thing) just keep in mind how much of a douchebag you were then and barangkali sekarang pun sama.haha Thank you.salam! chow!


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